Dining Restaurants in the Beaufort NC Area

In operation since 1905, Clawson’s Restaurant & Pub is an unmistakable piece of Beaufort’s prestigious history.  From its humble beginnings as a grocery and bakery in the early 20th century to its re-establishment as a restaurant in 1977, Clawson’s has proudly stood on the forefront of the region’s fine dining community.  Locals are just crazy about the Clawson’s Crab Cakes, Shackleford Scallops, and just about everything else on the menu.  Their famous “Dirigibles” (stuffed baked potatoes) have been the talk of the town for decades.  Located on Front Street in Beaufort’s oldest brick building, Clawson’s is easy to find, so stop in today!
For a truly remarkable dining experience in Beaufort, perhaps no restaurant is more elegant than Beaufort Grocery Company.  Since 1991, Beaufort Grocery has been offering lunch and dinner to the town’s historic district six days a week (they’re closed on Tuesdays).  By day, their lunch menu offers an arrangement of soups, salads, and deli sandwiches, along with rich and decadent desserts like cheesecakes.  By night, the restaurant becomes a top-tier bistro, showcasing unique and extravagant seafood dishes, entrees and desserts with a distinguished selection of wines and drinks.  Both meals are unequivocally spectacular, so be sure to visit Beaufort Grocery for both.  They have even published a cookbook titled Closed on Tuesdays, full of choice recipes that guests can prepare at home during their weekly closure.
Even the locals need an occasional break from seafood.  Cubbie’s, just up Highway 70 on Live Oak Street, provides a hometown diner and sports bar atmosphere, and what many consider to be the best burgers in Carteret County.  Locally owned and operated, Cubbie’s famously (perhaps controversially) started the “Freedom Fries” trend of the early 21st Century during the Iraq War.  Their fare’s labels remained proudly unchanged to this day, so stop in today for a delightful hometown lunch at an unbeatable price.

Recommended Activities

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Shark Fishing
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